Time to Get Moving

BalloFlex Fitness is seated chair exercises for seniors among other people with mobility or balance issues.

BalloFlex Fitness is a seated chair fitness activity that incorporates elements of music and dance.

It is an activity which has been carefully designed to provide a fun group interaction using low-impact movements set to music that doesn’t leave you all sweaty and exhausted.

BalloFlex is for everyone with a focus on two primary markets:

  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Corporate Wellness Initiatives

BalloFlex In Senior Living Facilities

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This fun program offers senior living facilities two ways to bring this fun activity to your residents.

Become a certified BalloFlex facility, or bring a certified instructor in to lead the class activity.

Why BalloFlex for your senior living residence? The best way to stay young is to keep moving.

The best way to stay young is to keep moving.

Chair exercises for seniors are the perfect way to maintain your mobility.

Plus, you won’t find a better activity with the participation rate that BalloFlex will provide.

BalloFlex Corporate Wellness Program

Learn more about the BalloFlex Fitness corporate wellness program.

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The constant increases in health insurance premiums, human resource professionals are on the lookout for wellness programs they can offer to their employees.

BalloFlex Fitness is the perfect choice for businesses looking for a wellness program that can be provided right in their facilities.

As a low-impact high result fitness program it can be done at lunchtime, mid-day or as an after-hour class.

Plus, your employees don’t have to worry about changing out of their work clothes or getting all sweaty!

Who Can Benefit From BalloFlex?

Everyone! Join the thousands of people already reaping the benefits of BalloFlex, and participate in a new era of wellness. BalloFlex is perfect for:

Senior Citizens: The best way to stay young is to keep moving.
These chair exercises for seniors are the perfect way to maintain your mobility.

Businesses: Add a wellness program to boost morale and reduce health benefit costs.

People with Mobility Issues: It can be difficult to find exercise classes that help people with limited mobility.
BalloFlex Fitness is perfect for wheelchair exercises.

People with Balance Issues: Perhaps you have knee, hip, or back problems, or suffer from some type of balance issue.
These chair dancing classes help you keep moving without putting yourself at risk.

Children: Great for young and older children alike, BalloFlex is a fun way to teach children to love dance and movement.

The Overweight, Obese, or Self-Conscious: If you are afraid to go to the gym because you are uncomfortable about the way you look, or don’t want to exercise in front of others, BalloFlex is the perfect way to get in the exercise groove and build your self-confidence.

Athletes: Now you can add variety and fun to your exercise regimen to help you stay engaged and motivated.

Young or old, fit or flabby, athlete or novice, healthy or healing – BalloFlex works for anyone and everyone.

We currently offer two ways for the BalloFlex Fitness program to be offered in your facility – direct certification or via a certified instructor.

Don’t Wait a Minute Longer Getting Moving

With BalloFlex Fitness there are no more excuses for why you can’t improve the level of wellness activity and group participation among your residents or employees.

Perfect for everyone, BalloFlex is fun, safe and effective. It easily fits as a lunchtime, mid-day or even an after hours activity.

Remember, BalloFlex is designed specifically to achieve results without breaking a sweat! What more could you ask for from a wellness activity or program?

Stop making excuses, and get moving the fun way with BalloFlex Fitness – the perfect seated chair workout!

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