Julie Buckeye is the most amazing BalloFlex instructor ever! I have a dance background and I am impressed at how much more I am learning with my BalloFlex training. There is so much that Julie has put into instructing BalloFlex… from the dance steps matching the beat of the music to the pace of the music and when to repeat a move, as well as what to add to make the song fun and a good exercise. BalloFlex classes have diverse students from young to old, with differing ability levels and experience.

Julie has taught and is still teaching me so much. When I first learned how to instruct BalloFlex, I was timid and unsure. Each day I grow a little more confident and more assertive. I am certain BalloFlex and the instructor training by Julie Buckeye are a blessing and I will always be appreciative of her caring and expertise. One thing is for sure, without Julie’s support, encouragement, and belief in me, I would never be able to accomplish my personal and professional goals in BalloFlex!

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