BalloFlex Corporate Wellness Program

Are You Ready to Increase Productivity & Decrease Health Related Expenses?


BalloFlex is a seated workout which incorporates the elements of dance and fitness together in a safe, low impact, and fun system that makes for the perfect corporate wellness program.

This makes BalloFlex Fitness a perfect companion for human resource professionals looking to engage their employees in a wellness program that can be done right on the premises.

BalloFlex currently conducts classes at lunchtime and even after-hours.  Classes can be held in the lunch room, cafeteria, conference room or any open space within your building.

Participants essentially dance while seated in a chair to upbeat music with easy, follow-along steps that can be performed at any age or fitness level.

Seated Chair Workout – Wellness Program

  • 30-minute class
  • 30-minute ab workout
  • 1.3 miles of movement
  • Builds strong biceps, triceps, and back muscles
  • Tones abs, quads, and calf muscles
  • Weights can be added for more muscle toning & strength

No other lunchtime program does all of these things without requiring employees to change their clothes or work up a sweat. (Women can even wear their heels!)

This makes BalloFlex Fitness a better wellness program choice for companies of all types.

BalloFlex is a seated workout or exercises in a chair that uses music and dance to provide a workout program that combines core strength, stretching, movement, and body weight resistance. Led by a professionally trained BalloFlex instructor, the entire class is done while seated in a chair.

Music and dance are beneficial for the mind as well as the body.

BalloFlex gives people, that don’t have the time or ability for traditional exercise programs and gyms, the advantage of feeling better and building confidence. Students learn a series of dance steps while learning how to move with the music, count the beats, and transition into different moves – all while seated.

With each move students tone, stretch, flex, and strengthen muscles in their upper body, lower body, and abs. The small, consistent, and rhythmic “bounce” in the abs while sitting is the cornerstone of the exercise that makes BalloFlex NEW and unique, while building core strength.

BalloFlex is a program that is easy for anyone to learn and understand. It is a great way to get proven results while having fun!

BalloFlex Seated Workout Class Testimonials

BalloFlex is fun and easy. I have had an increase in toning in my arms and waist. It really is simple to do and I do not like to work out at all. I do have an increase of energy when I take BalloFlex classes!” Laura B – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

I love going to BalloFlex class! It’s my favorite activity to do all week!
Tammy P – Akron, Ohio

BalloFlex is much more than a just a seated workout.

You can contact Julie at 330-701-7986 to learn how you can get started with BalloFlex.

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