New Safe Exercise Class For The Developmentally Disabled

BalloFlex Fitness provides chair exercise for the disabled.

BalloFlex Fitness Classes For The Disabled

BalloFlex Fitness focuses on celebrating what one can do instead of what one can’t do, regardless of their ability.

BalloFlex Fitness certified instructors are trained to guide large groups with different abilities to move together in a playful fun way.

If you scan the internet, there are many articles and studies that state the benefits of music to the developmentally disabled: cognitive skills, self-esteem and self-control, improved auditory and visual-motors skills to name a few.

Because BalloFlex combines exercise with music and dance while seated in a chair,  it’s a perfect combination of skill learning, group participation, and mind and soul “therapy”.

BalloFlex is a chair fitness class that works the upper body, lower body, and abs while increasing strength and overall flexibility. Students work at their own ability level as their routine is customized to fit their needs.

All BalloFlex classes are conducted by a certified BalloFlex instructor who is trained to make any required adjustments as the class is conducted.

Benefits of BalloFlex Exercise Class For The Developmentally Disabled

Because BalloFlex is done while the developmentally disabled students are seated, they can move and groove without the fear of losing balance or overextending themselves physically. Plus, all classes offer the benefits of enriching the mind and soul with music, movement and camaraderie.

  • Interactive class includes singing, laughing, bouncing, clapping, and excitement to see what’s next – all while seated.
  • BalloFlex is a non-competitive program so each student feels they are able to do their best without getting discouraged.
  • Skill learned includes paying attention, control, listening, hand-eye coordination, developing rhythm, counting, basic music and dance appreciation, working together and peer encouragement.
  • Classroom setting helps in developing social skills with others and respect for adults and teachers.
  • Every student is given the same opportunity to learn in an environment with limited distractions.
  • Easily adapted into any other fitness program, including home fitness routines when classes aren’t in session.
  • Empowers students with the confidence, goal-setting, attainment and a sense of accomplishment.

Get BalloFlex For Your Intermediate Care Facility, Home or School

Activity directors always seek out new, alternative, attractive and well-received activities that provide fitness programs that provide entertainment and socialization. BalloFlex is a seated chair exercise program that helps you keep your developmentally disabled residents or students active, healthy and mobile while keeping within a specified budget.

Here are some benefits of offering BalloFlex classes:

  • Music promotes happy memories making for happy people.
  • Students enjoy coming to class because they will benefit physically, spiritually and mentally.
  • Families love knowing that their loved one is participating in a group setting, making friends and being happy.
  • Often will inspire caregivers of creative new ways to have fun while working.
  • A healthy person can bounce back more quickly from injury, illness and falls.
  • BalloFlex certified instructors constantly praise and encourage students throughout the class.
  • Classes can be set for any length of time to fit the facilities schedule. Most classes last 30-minute to 45-minutes.

You can and should bring BalloFlex to your Intermediate Care Facility, Home or School today.

Call 330-701-7986 to learn how BalloFlex classes can begin in your facility.

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