Exercises For Kids Just Got Fun – NEW BalloFlex Classes

Exercises for kids doesn’t have to be boring or a chore anymore.

Kids love to move, and getting them up and away from the video games is essential for parents, teachers, and caregivers.

BalloFlex teaches children the importance of structure and following directions yet allows them to be creative and inspired while teaching them to understand rhythms and beats all while providing fitness for kids of all ages.

It’s a fun and playful way to get kids excited, motivated, and eager to learn while burning off some of their seemingly, never-ending energy!

BalloFlex provides fun workouts for kids in a group setting through chair fitness classes.

This new exercise for kids work the upper and lower body while increasing strength and flexibility, all while students are seated in a chair.

All BalloFlex classes are conducted by a certified BalloFlex instructor who is trained to gauge the fitness and ability of the children so they can make minor adjustments in the interaction to maintain attention and participation.

Benefits of Chair Exercises For Kids

BalloFlex classes are good workouts for kids because the class is conducted while students are seated which provides control and focus of the fitness activity.

Music and dance elements are incorporated into the workout routine so the kids can move and groove without the fear of losing balance.

Additional benefits include:

  • Interactive class includes singing, laughing, bouncing, clapping, and excitement to encourage camaraderie – all while seated.
  • BalloFlex is a non-competitive workout for kids so each child feels they are able to do their best without getting discouraged.
  • Skills learned includes paying attention, control, listening, hand-eye coordination, developing rhythm, counting, basic music and dance appreciation, working together and peer encouragement.
  • Classroom setting helps in developing social skills with other children and respect for classroom concentration.
  • Every child is given the same opportunity to learn with limited distractions.
  • All the class fitness activities for kids can be performed at home when classes aren’t in session.
  • Classes are typically 30-minute to 45-minutes in length but can customize to each teacher’s schedule.

Fun Exercises For Kids In Elementary Schools or Child Day Care Centers

BalloFlex is an attractive fun exercise activity for kids that helps improve attention and discipline in the classroom.

If you are looking for activities that incorporate exercises for children, then BalloFlex should be your first choice.

It allows your staff to get 30 to 45 minutes of free time while a trained BalloFlex instructor provides a fun activity and critical low impact exercises for kids in your class or day care center.

BalloFlex exercises for kids is a great for large group settings like for assemblies, workshops, kids camps, and after school programs.

By offering BalloFlex exercises for kids as a new activity, you’ll see these dramatic changes:

  • Music promotes happy memories and positive group interaction making for happy children.
  • Students enjoy coming to class because it doesn’t feel like a work out; yet they benefit physically, spiritually and mentally.
  • Parents will love knowing that their child is participating in a group setting, making friends, being happy, all while seeing improvements in movement and mental outlook.
  • BalloFlex exercises for kids is a perfect way to use up that pent up energy every child in a class or day care center generates throughout the day.
  • Inspired teachers and caregivers can now introduce creative new ways to work with children.
  • BalloFlex certified instructors praise and encourage students to participate in other group activities with manners and concentration.

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