Chair Workouts For Adults

chair workouts provide low impact adult exercise

Chair Workout For Adults

BalloFlex Fitness is a seated chair workout DVD that is perfectly suited for the home, office or even on the road when traveling.

BalloFlex chair workouts solve the most common excuse for not exercising.

A recurring theme in people is that they don’t have time to exercise: mornings are busy with getting the kids ready for school and hurrying to work, evenings can be laden with school activities, appointments, shopping, cooking and more.

For many, the idea of working out during the day is cumbersome because of the need to change clothes, refresh hair and make-up, and return to work in a short time-span.

Ever wish you could find a solution for those afternoon sluggishness periods at work?

BalloFlex chair workouts are a great way for employees to get a break from the desk, get the blood flowing and refresh their minds and bodies.

BalloFlex chair workouts are a great way for employees to get a break from the desk, get the blood flowing and refresh their minds and bodies.

Our solution for those afternoon pick-me-ups is a 30-minute onsite class that is guaranteed to keep employees and workers on top of their game and productive all day long.

Don’t have a class where you work? Simply pop in the chair workout DVD and you can have you own low impact exercise routine at your desk.

Benefits Of Chair Workouts

Seated chair exercises are a low impact fitness program that eliminates the physical overexertion that avoids having to mess with changing clothes and getting too sweaty.

This makes this form of fitness and exercises the perfect choice for the busy mom, employee, and executive.

You don’t need to worry about sweating or losing your balance all while moving and grooving to modern and enriching dance style music. For the extended chair exercise classes and DVD sessions (45 and 60 minutes), it functions as a chair dancing fitness program, done with class and style.
This healthy living exercise program gives you:

  • Fun choreographed movements designed to lift your spirits and give hope for a better, stronger day.
  • The exercise focused on core muscle wellness achievable while seated in a chair for added confidence.
  • Dramatic help in balance issues due to critical core strength elements of the chair workouts incorporating elements of dance and music.
  • Can easily be performed with your desk chair at work, lunchroom chair and anywhere at home.
  • Boosts confidence, energy and a sense of team accomplishment.
  • Great team building program which builds friendships amongst peers.
  • This seated workout is done in everyday work clothes with little to no sweat or fuss.
  • Classes can be done in as little as 30 minutes – great for lunchtime options, mornings, afternoons or after work.
  • Ask us about using BalloFlex chair workouts to lower your health insurance premiums and costs.
  • Healthier employees mean less sick days, lower insurance rates, team building, and higher group participation.

BalloFlex Chair Workouts At Your Business or Organization

Attention Human Resources…

Keeping employees engaged, healthy and fit with an attractive and social wellness program is no longer a struggle.

BalloFlex seated chair exercises is a new and attractive corporate health and wellness program that can save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, sick days and higher health insurance premiums.

Every business has a budget that is being pushed by higher and higher health insurance costs.

BalloFlex solves your struggle of finding wellness programs that you can offer which employees not only will gravitate to but will find enjoyable and fun. They will actually thank you and participate instead of groaning and complaining.

By offering BalloFlex chair workouts at your company, you’ll see dramatic changes in your employees:

  • Music promotes happy memories which improve morale and workplace satisfaction.
  • A healthy employee is more productive.
  • Class participation is high because it doesn’t feel like a work out; yet they benefit physically, spiritually and mentally.
  • Employees will have improved energy that carries with them the rest of the day or the week.
  • BalloFlex only provides certified instructors for all seated chair workout classes.

Call Julie Buckeye direct at 330-701-7986 to learn how to start BalloFlex chair workouts at your business or organization.

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