Chair Exercises For Weight Loss

low impact chair exercise for weight loss by BalloFlex.Chair exercises for weight loss classes by BalloFlex lets you see and feel fantastic results with each class!

Chair exercises for weight loss is specifically designed for those that are challenged by weight issues and the idea of exercising in public is terrifying or embarrassing.

This NEW BalloFlex weight loss program provides participants a secure environment with people just like them, with the same challenges as them and with many different levels of ability.

BalloFlex’s new chair exercises for weight loss is perfect for those who struggle with needing to get in shape yet can’t due to problems with knees, back, and other physically challenging body ailments that are a result of carrying extra weight.

All BalloFlex classes (and the new chair workout DVDs) are done while sitting in a chair.

All the stress and pressure on the body joints is totally eliminated to provide optimal balance and performance of the arm and leg strengthening moves.

BalloFlex offers a challenging yet simple, low impact way to exercise, move and get fit that can be performed at their own ability and fitness level.

By building momentum and self-confidence, students participating in chair exercises for weight loss classes by BalloFlex begin to see and feel results as they begin to loss weight and improve fitness with each class, making goals attainable and life-giving accomplishments notable.

BalloFlex chair exercise and fitness classes work the upper and lower body plus the abs all while increasing strength and flexibility, all while sitting in a chair.  You won’t find any other simple exercises for weight loss than BalloFlex classes.

Students work at their own ability level as their routine is customized to fit their needs.

This new chair exercise for weight loss class is conducted by a certified BalloFlex instructor who is trained to gauge the ability and fitness level of the class in order to make instantaneous adjustments as needed for each person.

The Benefits Of Chair Exercises For Weight Loss

BalloFlex is a class of chair exercises which incorporates music and elements of dance. As such, it is done while the participants are seated so everyone can groove and move to the music without fear of overextending themselves physically or losing their balance.

  • Exercise with music is the best exercise for weight loss and toning and the perfect way to lift the spirits and build camaraderie while losing weight.
  • BalloFlex is a seated fitness program that protects organs while working for the core muscle groups.
  • The participants realize core strength improvement like other intense workouts provides in just a couple months.
  • Students feel secure in knowing that they are participating in a class with others that may face the same challenges as themselves.
  • The exercises are performed in a seated position which takes stress and pressure off the student’s joints.
  • It’s a fun way to burns calories in a collaborative atmosphere while being entertained in a respectful way.
  • Easily adapted into any other fitness program and the exercises can be performed at home when classes aren’t in session.

Get The New BalloFlex Chair Exercises For Weight Loss Class Scheduled & Available In Your Gym or Fitness Center

BalloFlex can certify one of your staff members, or we can have a licensed certified instructor come in and conduct the classes for your gym or fitness center.

Learn more information about becoming a certified BalloFlex instructor here.

By offering BalloFlex chair exercises for weight loss in your Facility, you’ll receive:

  • An additional revenue streams by attracting the “non-traditional” gym or fitness center member.
  • Combine all age groups, gender and fitness levels in one class, or hold separate classes for each defined group.
  • Use the class to introduce new people to your gym or fitness center.
  • Students enjoy coming to class because it doesn’t feel like a traditional exercise program for weight loss.
  • BalloFlex certified instructors will promote and encourage students to participate in other fitness programs running at your facility.
  • All classes are available in 30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute lengths to meet your class time preferences.

Call Julie direct at 330-701-7986 to bring chair exercises for weight loss classes by BalloFlex to your facility.

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