Discover The Benefits Of BalloFlex Chair Exercises

Join the thousands of people reaping the benefits of BalloFlex.  These NEW fitness classes are seated chair exercises and have introduced a new era of wellness.

Better health is the benefit of BalloFlex Fitness.BalloFlex is a seated chair fitness workout program that uses dance and music to provide safe core strengthening, stretching, movement using body weight resistance. Lead by a professionally trained BalloFlex instructor, the entire class is done while seated on a chair.

Incorporating music and dance into a workout routine are beneficial for the mind as well as the body.

Young or old, fit or flabby, athlete or novice, healthy or healing… BalloFlex has something for anyone and everyone.

Our students come from all walks of life – from the most advanced athlete to people that struggle with weight, from everyday working adults to those in special facilities, from kids to the aging elderly living in assisted living (BalloFlex’s oldest student is 103, and she started when she was 100!).

BalloFlex doesn’t have a core audience stamp that only targets the super-active or young, fit lifestyles like most exercise programs. It was created with the intent and understanding that everyone wants to have the opportunity to move and enjoy themselves in a seated exercise and fitness routine.

Benefits Of BalloFlex Include:

  • It is a safe and fun chair exercise program.
  • Combines exercise, flexibility, stretching, body weight resistance set to dance music.
  • Participation is from a seated position that exceeds the humdrum of the gym and the concerns for falling and/or strains from a traditional aerobic activity.
  • Advanced levels are available which include standing and weight activities.
  • Option to go at your own pace and desired activity level.
  • People of all ages and any level of physical and mental fitness can easily do BalloFlex.
  • Classes are done in groups, so everyone knows each other.
  • Presses those “feel good” buttons that each of us loves to have pushed.
  • Increases energy, sharpens senses and stimulates the brain.
  • Great for building friendships and inspiring creativity.
  • Verbal cues are provided with each move to make it easy to follow.
  • BalloFlex is a great activity for senior facilities, hospitals, school fitness activities, day care centers and more, only needing enough room and chairs for the number of people in the class.
  • BalloFlex’s energetic and professional instructors customize each class for the participants with regards to music selections and moves.
  • Classes can be scheduled as regular monthly, weekly, or multiple day classes, at a price that works with any budget.

View A Sample Of The Many BalloFlex Benefits


People universally say that BalloFlex is amazingly fun and easy to do while being effective without breaking a sweat.

This makes it a favorite for senior citizens, kids in school and daycare and busy adults who are constantly on the run.

This brand-new seated chair exercise is available in group classes and on DVD for the home and even for those who want to exercise while traveling!

It is a safely seated fitness program making it perfect for anyone who struggles with traditional fitness program due to aging, weight, back or knee issues.

Julie Buckeye (330-701-7986) would love to tell you more about how  you  can experience all the benefits of BalloFlex.

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