Introducing The Most Popular Of All Assisted Living Activity Ideas

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Are you an activity director of an assisted living facility or nursing home?

Have you been struggling to find assisted living activity ideas that don’t bust the budget?

Have you been struggling to find an activity that will get the majority of your residents out of their rooms and engaged?

The answer to your struggle is BalloFlex!

Don’t just take our word. Zachary Lewis, a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, recently observed this new and unique assisted living activity called BalloFlex being conducted each month at Marymount Place, a local assisted living facility located in Garfield Heights Ohio.

P.S. BalloFlex is an assisted living activity which is available nationwide.

Assisted Living Activity Ideas Don’t Get Any More Popular Than This Seated Chair Exercise Class

Mobility activities for seniors in Assisted Living Facilities help improve morale and overall wellness of your residents. When it comes to activities for seniors in assisted living, BalloFlex is hands down the most popular according to activity directors and their senior citizen residents.

Mr. Lewis of the Cleveland Plain Dealer expressed his view that…

Advanced age, limited mobility, pain. None of these is necessarily an excuse or reason not to engage in or benefit from some form of physical exertion.

He visited Marymount Place which runs the BalloFlex activity, remarking …

Simply put, it’s a beautiful thing. When I saw Buckeye and her program in action last week at Marymount Place, an assisted living facility, I witnessed a large roomful of residents who might not otherwise move at all fully experiencing the joy of exercise, waving their arms and stepping in place to music.

Marymount residents are the lucky ones. They, along with seniors at several other facilities in Northeast Ohio, get to work with Buckeye directly and take part in workouts tailored to them.

You Too Can Get This Popular Activity In Your Assisted Living Residence

We offer two options to bring this in-demand activity to your residents.

  1. Become a certified assisted living facility – call Julie direct at 330-701-7986 for details.
  2. Find an independent certified BalloFlex instructor in your area to conduct the activity for your facility.

BalloFles is a well attended assisted living activity.Either choice will start you on the path of better resident morale, wellness, and cheer in your assisted living facility.

Active and engaged residents will help your census numbers while getting your staff and residents to smile.

Be the difference maker in your facility and watch your residents become more engaged and happy.

You can read the Zachary Lewis article at

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