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The BalloFlex Seated Fitness program gave me a new lease on life after a serious car accident that limited my mobility.  I’ve been active my whole life and the thought of having to give up sports and dance almost sent me into a deep depression.  Thanks to BalloFlex I was able to keep my spirits up, stay fit, and still do what I love during one of the most difficult periods in my life.              -Julie Buckeye, BalloFlex Creator




BalloFlex creator Julie BuckeyeJulie Buckeye is an accomplished and competitive athlete who loves motivating and inspiring others!

An avid runner and triathlete with a passion for dance and music, Julie is competitive, active, and serves as a mentor for many new athletes – both adults and children.

Julie has 18 years of experience studying and performing dance.

She taught Zumba for six years. In 2007, Julie opened World of Dances studio where she teaches, encourages, and supports women of all ages.

Julie also choreographs and produces shows for her dance company, Sacred Jewels that performs locally in Ohio.

In 2006, seizing new opportunities to grow and learn, Julie expanded her practices to include yoga.

She has studied and practiced several types of yoga, teaching her emotional elements and body awareness, which combine beautifully with her athletic and dance activities.  In 2016, Julie achieved a 3HO accreditation in Kundalini Yoga and in 2017 she added a Level 2 certification.

Julie Buckeye

With continuing to use creativity, athleticism, and movement, Julie developed BalloFlex in 2010.

After a serious car accident, this seated fitness program became her sole workout.

Julie credits the program with toning and trimming her body while helping to improve her mood and attitude.

With BalloFlex, Julie teaches others to have strong, toned muscles without spending hours in the gym.

Julie is committed to bringing fun, fitness, and satisfaction to people of all ages, skills, and levels of capability.

She’s excited to share this excellent program with you to help you achieve your fitness goals!



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