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Do you struggle to find the motivation to exercise?

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting?

Are you frustrated with boring workout routines?

Well, BalloFlex is what you’ve been looking for!  Our seated fitness program is easy enough, yet effective, for everyone no matter what your fitness level is.  Our program can be done at home, work, or the gym.  It fits easily into your life so that you can achieve your health goals and have fun while you do it.

We’ll even come to you.  BalloFlex offers on-site classes for companies, gyms, senior centers, and health/wellness facilities.  This is a wonderful way to help your employees achieve maximum productivity levels and help your company decrease costly healthcare expenses.

Contact us or one of our certified instructors in Ohio, MichiganTexas, Georgia or Hawaii.



Amy Cochran (330) 281-1630 BalloFlex.amy@gmail.com
Amy Cochran

Amy Cochran

I bring years of experience leading BalloFlex classes in senior living facilities and corporations for lunch time fitness. My classes are fun, exciting, and are always a good time no matter what ones’ capabilities are in movement. I am available for classes in Portage, Summit, and Stark Counties Ohio.

Terri Krul (440) 663-7371 tlballoflex@gmail.com
Terri Krul

Terri Krul

I have worked in senior living facilities for years and I have never seen any activity so well received. I was sold the moment I first witnessed a class and I knew I had to be a part of this program. It is typical to have 20-30 residents attend a BalloFlex class. I am teaching in Medina & Cuyahoga Counties, Ohio.

Michael Kane (216) 577-7557 MichaelKaneBalloFlex@gmail.com
 teaches classes in all Northeast Ohio counties for BalloFlex Fitness

Mike Kane

I bring years of customer care, service, and knowledge to my BalloFlex career. I have an enormous amount of talent to inspire and uplift others to achieve optimal health. I am leading a team in NE Ohio specializing in senior living facilities, in-home fitness, and corporate wellness programs.

I am available for classes in Cuyahoga, Summit, Geauga County OH.

Jani Ott (330) 396-1075 ott100@hotmail.com
BalloFlex Certified Instructor, Jani Ott

Jani Ott

I have a background in medical assisting and love to inspire others, so BalloFlex was a perfect career choice for me. I absolutely love being a certified BalloFlex instructor. It is such a privilege to serve my clients and help them obtain strength and flexibility. My classes are uplifting, motivating, and fun! I am available for in-home fitness, senior living facilities, and corporate wellness programs in Summit County, Ohio.

Bonnie Kline (281) 460-7736 bonniesheartandhome@gmail.com
Bonnie Kline is a Certified BalloFlex Fitness Instructor

Bonnie Kline

Helping others in a variety of ways is what I enjoy doing. Physical wellness is one of my passions. As a BalloFlex instructor, I’m joining my two interests by guiding others, in various environments, down a path to wellness. I am available for classes in Summit, Stark, & Medina Counties in Ohio.

Laura Solmen LPN (330) 472-0411 lauracsolmen@gmail.com
Laura Solmen

Laura Solmen

I have worked as a practicing nurse for 16 years and am a dance enthusiast. After seeing my mother enjoy the benefits of BalloFlex, I knew it was a program I could stand behind. I am so excited to be sharing BalloFlex with seniors in my area! Mahoning, Columbiana, Trumbull, and Stark counties.

Jennifer McWilliams (330) 414-0428 jcat8464@gmail.com
Jennifer McWilliams

Jennifer McWilliams

I have been in the senior health care environment for over 10 years. My passion is to help others. I have witnessed BalloFlex’s positive impact physically and mentally on the residents. I am available for classes in Summit, Stark, and Portage Counties.

Jen Lessin, COTA/L (216) 482-1248 cotajen1996@gmail.com
Jen Lessin is a Certified BalloFlex Instructor in Cleveland Ohio

Jen Lessin

The transformation powers of BalloFlex are such a fantastic way to work with those who are not fond of traditional fitness programs. I specialize in working with seniors and people with disabilities. I enjoy helping seniors become more independent. I understand the value of combining movement with music. I am also an Occupational Therapy Assistant & Yoga Instructor. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2013. I am available for facility and in-home classes on the west side of greater Cleveland, Ohio.

Jeanne Dippman (419) 346-1609 Jdipper.balloflex@yahoo.com
Jeanne Dippman

Jeanne Dippman


I was so “EXCITED” when founder Julie Buckeye introduced me to the BalloFlex family! It’s a “NEW & FRESH” era in wellness for everyone regardless of age or capabilities to take back their health. What could be more rewarding at the end of the day than to know you have made a difference in people’s lives’? BalloFlex not only gives me the opportunity to support and instruct you but gives each of you the opportunity to “TAKE THE FIRST STEP”.

BalloFlex is a 30 minute seated chair fitness activity that has been designed to specifically achieve results without breaking a sweat. Lunch hours, after-hours, senior centers, or at the gym. If you’re looking for an on-site health and wellness program for your employees, your residents, home fitness, or your local gym, contact me. Classes will be forming in the Toledo & NW Ohio markets in the fall of 2017. No more excuses, get moving the fun way with BalloFlex Fitness!

I am available for classes in Toledo, OH.

Dinah Lambert (330) 635-5497 dlambert@elmcroft.com
Dinah Lambert

Dinah Lambert

BalloFlex is the most amazing fitness program I have ever experienced! It’s truly a full body workout. Classes can be taken at any level. I have witnessed many people improve their confidence and strength due to my classes. I am available for senior living classes in Media Counties.

Joanna Romaniuk (216) 209-5232 j_romaniuk@yahoo.com
Joanna Romaniuk

Joanna Romaniuk

Fitness is such an important part of life.  I was so amazed the first time I witnessed a BalloFlex class. Movement is the best way to feel better.   I certainly do after I attend a class and teach one. Classes are fun and easy, yet the results are amazing!  I am available for in-home care, private classes, & senior living classes in Cuyahoga County.

Melissa Cain (484) 832-0300 melissacain733@gmail.com
Melissa Cain

Melissa Cain

Melissa has been dancing as a hobby for most of her life. She studied Communication, Public Relations, and Studio Art while attending college in South Eastern Pennsylvania. Currently, Melissa works in Life Enrichment as an Activity Assistant at a Senior Living home in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Her ideal career aspiration is to grow professionally in the BalloFlex fitness arena and expand her contribution to the exercise, health, and wellness world.

I am available for classes in Summit, Stark, Portage, County OH.

Tamara Cullen (330) 805-1796 tlynncullen@gmail.com
Kent Ohio BalloFlex Instructor Tamara Cullen

Tamara Cullen

I am currently a professor of fashion design and illustration at Kent State University’s Fashion School. I have worked for Vera Wang, and am a bridal/evening wear designer. I also teach painting, calm and canvas (meditation and stress release painting). I encourage and coach stress management, healthy living, exercise, and strength from within.

My favorite superhero is, of course, Wonder Woman! I love to laugh and enjoy life and people. ! I am a proud Mom of three. I love dancing, volleyball, and Zumba, belly dance and travel.

My favorite quote is: “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…” (Proverbs 31)

I am available for classes in Summit, Portage & Stark counties, OH.

Mary Kopczynski (216) 501-0307 mary.balloflex@gmail.com
Mary Kopczynski is a BalloFlex instructor in Geauga County Ohio

Mary Kopczynski

My first experience with Balloflex was a few years ago when I accompanied a family member to a class held at the assisted living facility in which she resides.  I had so much fun that I became a certified Balloflex instructor myself!

Choose your seat, get fit, and have fun!

I am available for senior living facility, corporate, special event, and in-home classes in Cuyahoga, Summit, and Geauga counties in Ohio.

Kimberly Storm Edge (330)-400-8332 TheEdge.Balloflex@gmail.com
Kimberly Edge, Certified BalloFlex Insturctor

Kimberly Edge

I have a gift for encouraging, inspiring and educating others. My background is in customer service, education, mentorship, and administration. My educational background includes human development & family studies, sociology and non-profit management. I have a strong passion for dance, music, writing, art and health and wellness.
I am on my own personal journey of wellness and seek to assist others who are at a variety of fitness levels, especially those who face various challenges. I am also a certified Zumba instructor.
I believe in the mental and physical benefits of Balloflex. I help change lives with every beat, one movement at a time.
I am available for classes in Summit, Portage and Cuyahoga County OH.

Vicki Slagle (330) 607-8416 vicki_slagle@yahoo.com
Vicki Slagle is a 66 year old BalloFlex instructor

Vicki Slagle

I have been into fitness most of my adult life, and I have tried and used many types of exercise.

I have found Balloflex to be THE most flexible and most effective program for overall toning and SUPER abdominal toning!

I am 66 years young and in better shape than ever!

I am available for senior and corporate wellness classes in Summit, Stark, Medina & Portage Counties “come play with me!”

Raechel Winklestine (330) 590-7837 raech.dm@gmail.com
Raechel Winklestine is a certified BallofFlex Instructor for Summit, Medina, Stark Counties Ohio

Raechel Winklestine

I have been into fitness most of my adult life, and I have tried and used many types of exercise.

Radiant and whole is the way I love to live. Balloflex is a holistic and fun fitness program that I am passionate about sharing with others. In my classes I combine your favorite music and groove into shape and laughter with you!

My professional experience is with all ages from Behavior Therapy, to Resident Assistant in college, to Activities Director for assisted living. I am a Writer, Horseback Riding Instructor, and Reiki Certified. It is an honor to instruct BalloFlex, I can’t wait to share with all the dynamic populations I serve!

Summit, Medina, Stark Counties Ohio

My favorite quote:

“If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done!” Ludwig

Cathleen Denti (614) 657-7890 chenti@aol.com
Cathleen Denti is a certified BalloFlex instructor for the Columbus Ohio area.

Cathleen Denti

I absolutely love working in the field of activities with seniors.

I graduated from The OSU in Social Work and bring much talent to all of my classes. I am thrilled each time I have the ability to make a difference the lives of others.

BalloFlex is such a dynamic program!

I am available for classes in Columbus Ohio.


Rebecca Maciin rmach@net-link.net Ph: 734-277-6001
Rebecca Machin is a Certified BalloFlex Instructor in Michigan

Rebecca Machin

Rebecca is a business analyst at Michigan State University. Her lifelong interest in fitness, dance, and yoga led to being a certified instructor in BalloFlex and Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yoghi Bhajan ®. Outside of helping others to be stronger, more confident and happier, Rebecca continues improving and adding to her repertoire. This program is great before work, lunch time, and after work. If you are looking for a great on-site health and wellness program for employees, your residents, home fitness or local gym, contact her.
Available for classes in  East Lansing area.



Rochelle Krueger (210) 788-5907 Rochelle.balloflex@gmail.com
Certified BalloFlex Fitness Instructor Rochelle Krueger covers the San Antonio, Texas marketplace

Rochelle Krueger

I absolutely love helping others in wellness. My classes are exciting each week and I make them super fun and easy. I am leading a great team of certified instructors in the San Antonio, Texas area specializing in senior care facilities, in-home fitness, and corporate wellness programs.


Susana Levine (210) 617-0822 slkitano@gmail.com
BalloFlex Certified Instructor in San Antonio, Texas

Susana Levine

I love to help people with fitness and wellness. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help those who struggle with traditional fitness programs. I specialize in working with disabled children/adults, veterans, and aging adult communities. I love to see people smile and to help them feel great! I am available in the San Antonio, TX area.



Cynthia J. Lyles 770-312-0726 mncynthia@dnet.net
Georgia USA BallofFlex Instructor Cynthia Lyles

Cynthia Lyles

I am so pleased to join the BalloFlex team for North Georgia & S.W. North Carolina.

As an injured person (with mobility issues), I am proof positive for the rebuilding of my strength and flexibility through movement!  BalloFlex is amazing, and truly is for all ages, sizes and abilities.

My classes provide hope and encouragement.  Join me for an inspiring, fun filled class.

I am available for classes in Rabun, Towns, Union, White, Georgia Clay Counties, & North Carolina.


Shelly Bacon Kelnhofer (330) 564-7619 Fullmoontraining@gmail.com

Shelly Bacon Kelnhofer

Shelly has made fitness a priority in her life by becoming an ACE certified personal trainer over 20 years ago. Not only did she compete in bodybuilding for 10 years, but she was in Top 5 every competition!

She also has certifications in Kettle bells, TRX suspension training, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance for several different styles of yoga.

Shelly is thrilled to bring Balloflex classes to local gyms, community centers, and private clinics along with corporate settings.

BalloFlex is amazing and it really is for everybody and every body…no matter what age or level of fitness.  KEEP BREATHING!

I am available for classes in Lahaina, Hawaii.

Join the BalloFlex family and Become a Certified Instructor!

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